Hip Bracing


DonJoy ROM



Control hip flexion/extension and adduction for hip stabilization following joint replacement or subluxation.
Features and Benefits
• Preset 15° abduction angle
• May be used with long leg post-op brace
• Universal right/left
• May be used bilaterally
• ROM hinge with 10° increments


Bledsoe Philippon Post-Op Hip Brace




  * Can be applied in less than 3 minutes saving valuable time in the operating room.
  * Formable aluminum shells with double-thick ultra-breathable polyurethane foam padding.
  * Three simple straps hold it securely affixed to the patient's hip and leg.

This device is indicated for post-operative or post-injury use for limited range-of-motion control of hip flexion/ extension; as well as limited abduction and adduction of the hip joint following total hip revisions, arthroscopic hip repairs or other hip joint surgeries, injuries or problems that can benefit from range-of-motion control.





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