White Papers


CPM Procedure Specific Guidelines

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair 
Shoulder MUA-Surgical Release 
Knee ACL 
Knee Articular Cartilage 
Elbow Open Release 
Elbow Stable Intra-Articular Fracture
Hand Tenolysis, Capsulectomy, Arthrolysis, Surgical Release

Hand Flexor Tendon Repair
Wrist Open Reduction-Internal Fixation   
Wrist Contracture Stiffness


CPM White Papers 
Efficacy of Rotator Cuff Shoulder CPM
Efficacy of Manipulation Under Anesthesia
Efficacy of Glenohumeral Instability

Efficacy of Elbow CPM 
Efficacy of ACL Knee CPM
Efficacy of Articular Cartilage Knee CPM  
Efficacy of Hand CPM


CPM Study Quick Charts

Rotator Cuff Repair
Shoulder Surgical Release, Manipulation under Anesthesia, Adhesive Capsulitis
Knee Articular Cartilage
Knee ACL
Elbow Surgical Release, Post-op Stable Fracture


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